Picture, Primus no.1stove,1935 Base Camp the Stove
Lamp Specialists.
Picture, Tilley Guardsman
Primus No.1 stove 1935. Tilley Stormlantern 1953

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Shop News :- Please note that the shop will be closed on Friday 17th October for one day, re-opening as usual on Monday 20th.
We will be showing a large display of Rippingilles products made between 1895 to 1970 at the Ipswich Motor Museum on Saturday night 18th October if you are in the area.!

Stock News :- Our new delivery of Manaslu stoves has landed in the UK and will be with us this week. the #96 stove is still out of stock and will follow later
The brass tops for the Vapalux E41 have arrived from Vapalux Korea. These will aslo fit the #300 and #300X though they were never fitted originally they make a restoration look much better then refitting a rusty enamelled top..

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