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A Primus 'No.70 Auto' petrol stove with box, from the early 1930's. Possibly the smallest and simplest stove ever produced. With no pump or control valve, simply warming the tank with the fuel cap tight is sufficient to get some fuel into the preheat cup. Loosen the cap whilst preheating then tighten the cap to run..!
Pictured left with travelling cap in place of the burner head and ready to store in the tin.
A Primus No.96 'Pocket Outfit' with box, probably early 1920's. A favorite with campers this model reached its peak with the interest in cyling in the 1930's
Compare the differences between this and the later No.96 in the next pictur
Picture of Primus No.96 , probably late 1950's. Notice the cast iron flame spreader which was replaced by a simpler brass plate by Optimus in the late 1970's.
Advertised for 2 and 9 shillings at the beginning of the 1960's, (2.45 today) it could not compete against the Bluet, at the bottom of the page.
A fine example of the way Manufacturers copied each other. This British made Monitor 17b 'Tourist stove' from around 1935 bears more than a passing resemblance to the Primus 96 above. Like the Pocket Outfit above, the stove, windshield, spirit can and tools all fitted into the tin box ready for assembly when needed.
Another small British stove, a Parasene with an extremely large silent burner. Although first thought to be a later modification, another fixed-leg version has been found complete with a small pan support ring. Parasene appear to be the only Company to have fitted such a large burner on a small stove.
Shock, horror..., a gas stove on these hallowed pages....!
The stove that probably contributed most to the demise of the small stoves above, a late 1950's' Bluet', (meaning Cornflower).
Just take off the lid, fold out the supports, turn on and light. With its sturdy windshield/tin and simplicity of use the magazines of the time heaped praise on this little stove. Sold for only 1 and 10 shillings in 1960, (1.50 today) it was replaced by the less practical Bluet S200 in 1963 but the damage had been done, paraffin stoves were in decline.


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