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Original Feuerhand #276
Hurricane lantern

Hurricane lantern

The original pattern Feuerhand hurricane lantern still made in Western Germany to the best quality. Not to be confused with the cheaper copies from China which leak and perform badly. 
Spare glass, wicks and burners usually available from stock.
This lamp stands 10" tall.

13.95, Zinc Plated steel
19.95, Moss Green on steel   

Shipping for up to 2 lamps in the UK now only 6.00 

260060 Replacement burner for #276 Lantern complete with wick 3.95
1275 Replacement glass for #275 'Baby' & #276 Lantern  3.00
604 Replacement wick for #275 'Baby' & #276 Lantern  0.62
260061 Replacement filler cap for #275 'Baby' & #276 Lantern  2.40

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Last updated on 29/07/15

Original Deitz
'Little Wizard'
Hurricane lantern

Hurricane lantern

The original 1920's pattern 'Little Wizard' hurricane lantern made  to the best quality with some original Dietz tooling. Guaranteed not to leak and approx 23 hour light on one fill.
Black painted finish with brassed steel fittings and burner
BEWARE OF IMITATIONS.. our lanterns carry the unique Dietz hologram sticker on the front.

Spare glass and burners available from stock
This lamp stands 12" tall.

18.95, black finish

211 Replacement burner for 'Little Wizard' Lantern complete with wick 5.00
851 Replacement glass for 'Little Wizard' Lantern  5.95
606 Replacement wick for 'Little Wizard' Lantern  0.70

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Last updated on 29/07/15