Toyokuni DSK27-NF
Paraffin Radient Heater

Picture Toyokuni heater

These heaters were originally supplied to the UK Government for Civil Defence use in the Home Office. We have aquired a quantity of unused heaters in original cartons which would normally Retail at over 200 each.

99.95 plus 10 shipping in the UK

Minimal odours
Turbo Post-Combustion System
Cartridge tank for refueling away from the heater
Anti-topple/Overheating extinguishing devices
Fully portable, instant heat when required
Auto ignition – Auto extinguish

Three controls: Push to ignite – Heat adjustment – Push to extinguish.

 Refueling is simple and safe and with the removable cartridge fuel tank, can be done away from the heater using the syphon pump (provided)

If the heat in the room becomes excessive, the Air Sensor Safety Device will automatically operate and extinguish the flame.

Heat Output      2.5 kW Nominal
Dimensions       H50 x W55 x D21cm
Weight              10kg nett
Wick                 Glass Fibre kindler
Heating Area   +/-90m2
Fuel Consumption    0.27 litres/hour
Fuel Tank Capacity 4.2 litres
Burning Time:          18 hours (max)
Fuel                           Class 1 Paraffin

The heater is supplied with: Syphon Pump, Electric (Battery) Ignition, 2 type 220 1.5v batteries, full Instructions for use.

The Toyokuni Heater is fitted with the Vario Turbo Combustion System, fitted and proven in several million heaters sold in recent years in mainland Europe, North America and the Far East. This system overcomes problems of sooty deposits and minor odours commonly associated with the burning of traditional BS2869 Class 1 Paraffin.
In the Toyokuni Heater, once the fuel has combusted in the lower combustion chamber, the remaining gas travels to the turbo post-combustion chamber where, by adding oxygen, pressure is increased and post-combustion takes place. The result: pure combustion at a high level with virtually no odours.


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