Liquid fuel stove spares,
lamp spares, new stoves & lamps

The Base Camp has one of the largest range of liquid fuel stoves and lamps. 
We stock spares for Tilley, Vapalux, Bialaddin, Petromax, Optimus & Anchor lanterns. We also stock spares for Primus & Optimus stoves old and new. Parts will also fit other makes of stove such as Svea, Radius, Monitor, Burmos, Parasene, Veritas and many more.
Some rare or obsolete parts are not listed because we have so few, please ask if you are unsure.

Last updated 09/02/13

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Pressure Lanterns



Used lanterns, heaters and blowlamps for sale

Used sale


New lanterns or stoves for sale

Lamps & stoves for sale


The famous Tilley lamp

Tilley price list & Tilley exploded views


The Tilley Lamp

How does it work?


Civilian Vapalux & Military Bialaddin lanterns

Vapalux & Bialaddin price list & exploded views


Vapalux & Bialaddin instructions

How do I light Vapalux & Bialaddin Lamps?


Continental lanterns

Petromax & Hipolito lantern spares


Optimus lanterns

Optimus Price List


American lanterns

Coleman price list & exploded views


Far Eastern lanterns

Magnalux & Anchor price list


Broken mantle, glass or oil lamp chimney? 
Quick link to our list of glass, plus hard and soft mantles for gas, paraffin and petrol lamps

Assorted mantles, glass & oil lamp chimneys


Servicing and repairing Paraffin Pressure Lamps',
by Rob Earl, (The 'Lampies' Bible!')

'Servicing and repairing Paraffin Pressure Lamps'





Pressure stoves



Used stoves for sale

Used sale


The paraffin pressure stove:-

A brief history


The paraffin pressure stove:-

How does it work?


'Dry oven' for camping and caravanning

Outdoor oven


The famous Trangia Spirit Stove

Trangia & Trangia Spares


American stoves

Coleman price list & exploded views


Exclusive new classic style paraffin stoves by Manaslu

Manaslu stoves


Optimus & Classic Primus parts and prices:-

Optimus Price List


Exploded views for Coleman, Optimus & Classic Primus plus other brands of stoves :-

Exploded views


Double burner marine stoves, exploded view

Optimus 55/155 Stove burner parts for Taylors, Shipmate, Mariner, Turm, Patria etc.


Adjustable kerosene burner #207b for marine stoves


Stove burner parts for Optimus, Taylors, Shipmate, Mariner, Turm, Patria etc.


  Modern Primus Himalaya Range & Primus Leisure LPG spares

Himalaya stoves , Himalaya spares & Primus Leisure LPG

Replacement burners for traditional pressure stoves



Sigg Firejet

Firejet spares


Odd parts for Monitor and other stoves :-

Spares for Monitor & others


Featured stove pictures:-

special stove feature


Photos of assorted stoves & lamps through the years

'The Gallery'


Pump leathers for all kinds of things..!

Assorted leather cup washers


Stove tools and accessories



What fuel do I use?, check if your stove is here:-

Paraffin stove & lantern reference numbers


Let us hunt for that old stove part!:-

Obsolete parts register


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Shipping costs


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