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A constantly changing selection of used British pressure lamp spares for sale. If you want a used part without the worries of auction sites check here!
Reference Product description Price Sterling
UT57/122 Best used backing plate for pump cup & brass horseshoe washer for X246 Stormlights and Stormlanterns. 1.00
UT118 Best used black hood only for X246 Stormlights and Stormlanterns, some chips but good to renovate a working lamp. 12.00
UT218 Best used burner complete with gallery bush, X246b Stormlantern 15.00
UT269A Best used aluminium pump clamp nut, X246b 0.50
UT777A Best used aluminium control cock X246b 9.95
UT1473 Best used aluminium pump knob 246b 1.75
UT2561 Best used aluminium pump rod complete 246b 7.95
UT2563B Best used stepped brass control cock with push on knob, late Guardsman, early X246A 14.95
UT2557B Used Brass pump, external thread, complete, not serviced, Guardsman  15.95
UT2557 Used Aluminium pump, complete, not serviced, X246b, 1964 onward 13.95
UT3284 Used frame, X246b, some rusting 3.00
UT3287 Used aluminium nut for frame, X246b 1.00
UT3942 Used handle for X246b, some rusting 3.00
UT3954 Used burner bush for X246b 0.30
UBT7 Used filler cap, 1" complete, M300X, M305, M1 3.00
UV10 Used handle & nuts, all lanterns 1952 on 4.00
UV15 Used Pump valve, all lanterns and heaters 6.00
UV16 Used Pump rod assembly, all lanterns and heaters 10.00
UB53 Used spirit dish, no wick, 300X, M305, 21c 8.00
UV55 Used round air button, late 300X, 305, 310,315 & 320. 3.00
UV74 Used jet cleaner, (Tap unit), specify which model for availability), not for E41. 12.00
UV67 Used aluminium frame late M305, M310, 21c 12.00
UV79 Used aluminium frame M315, M320 10.00
UV80 Used frame nut M320 1.95
Used glass aluminium support, 21c 5.00
Last updated on 31/03/23

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