Oil lamp burners & accessories

Picture POD 8K/SEL

Above left:- 'Duplex' twin wick burner with extinguisher
Below left:- 'Queen Anne' or 'Eureka' flat wick burner
Centre rear, from left to right:-
'Kosmos' flat wick burner
'Odin' 15''' flat wick burner
20''' flat wick burner
Centre front:-
Globe ring for Duplex burner
Collar for Duplex screw burners to attach to fount
Right rear:- 20''' Ideal burner, based on the flat wick Matador burner
Right front:-
Flamespreader, 'Odin' 15''' burner
Flamespreader, 20''' burner
Flamespreader, 20''' Ideal burner

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