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We were all saddened to hear that UK production of the Vapalux lantern was to cease and felt that that known information about the Company and its products should be collected together.

Ian Ashton has been collecting pressure lamps for many years and Vapalux/Bialaddin models in particular. He bravely took up the challenge and produced this excellent book of 66 pages with many full colour pictures.
Ian admits himself that there may still be some gaps in our knowledge of these lamps and their variants but this book in undoubtedly the most detailed and informative record there is today.!

The book details the founding or the company, its history, early products , takeovers and final overseas sale. The second half details, with photographs, various models of lamps, many from Ian's own collection. Also mentioned is the American designed, Bialaddin folding stove.
A must for collectors and enthusiasts of pressure lighting, the hardcover version is an excellent book for the bookcase..!

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The guide to the Tilley Lamp company and it's products, 104 pages of very readable and informative text with photos and illustrations. Excellently written by Jim Dick with the help of Friends and Tilley themselves, a must for enthusiasts!


'The definitive' guide to servicing all lamps of the Petromax/Optimus type, created by Rob Earl from years of experience in these lamps. With colour photos at each stage of removal and rebuild this is the book you must have at your side!
Note this book does not cover Tilley or Bialladin type lamps which are very different to the Petromax type.

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Picture of pressure Lamp Catalogue

'The guide to all pressure lamps known to have been made! Over 160 manufacturers painstaking researched by Neil McRae and Fil Graff and every known model or variation listed.
Laid out alphabetically by Brand name then by model the book is easy to follow and is sprinkled with B/W photographs of many models. If your lamp isn't in here let us know...!


Lamp Collectors Guide picture

The one that has sparked so many people's interest in oil lamps..!
Now reprinted in the Shire 'Classics' range with a better quality cover.

Written by the late Cecil Meadows the book contains 48 pages covering the evolution of lighting from 1500BC to the 1970's with emphasis on the 1900 to 1939 period. Black & white drawings show oil lamps, burners and chimneys to aid identification.




Aladdin, the magic name in lamps


A complete history of Aladdin kerosene lamps and the company that made them.
Emphasis on the American Aladdin Company but with a chapter on Aladdin Industries UK plus a wealth of illustrations and minutae of detail to help identify your lamp.
If you are interested in Aladdin lamps you must have this book
Comments by readers- "absolutely First Class, more than expected, very informative, brilliant, beautiful, now I have better understanding, I have seen the light."
Hard bound, colour, 304 pages, over 400 photos and illustrations.

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