Manaslu kerosene stoves.

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Base Camp are the European Distributors for Manaslu stoves. These traditional brass stoves are manufactured to the highest standard in Japan and have been tested by us for quality.
We carry a full stock of spares for these models to ensure you can keep them in perfect running order..!
Each stove comes in a nylon pouch, complete with English instructions, spanner, funnel and cleaning needles.
These stoves are manufactured for enthusiasts in small batches, order your stove now to avoid disappointment...!

Manaslu 96 Stove & accessories

The Manaslu No.96 backpacking stove with #200 burner. The ideal solo stove for all seasons, one fill will last approx 1 hour 15 minutes.
Tank capacity 0.2 ltr., empty weight with pouch 920gms, stove weight 650gms.

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Manaslu 121 stove & accessories

The Manaslu No.121 camping stove with #200 burner. The classic 'Picnic stove' and excellent for all seasons, one fill will last approx 2 hour 30 minutes.
Tank capacity 0.4 ltr., empty weight with pouch 1290gms, stove weight 820gms.





manaslu 126 stove & accessories


The Manaslu No.126 camping stove with #200 burner. A perfect stove for base camp use or for family camps, one fill will last approx 5 hours.
Tank capacity 0.8 ltr., empty weight with pouch 1500gms, stove weight 970gms.








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