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Picture, Tilley Guardsman
Primus No.1 stove 1935. Tilley Stormlantern 1953

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LATEST NEWS 11/03/15 :- Mike 'the stove' will be in hospital for a new hip from 27th March. Please note we will be working with reduced staff for a few weeks. This will effect the Easter holiday so place your orders early or you will not get them in time..!
Mike will not be available to take calls for around two weeks so please do not call for him.

Please also note that some of our postal prices have in creased from 8th April onwards. Most of our UK prices have remained the same with exception of 1st Class Small Parcel rate which has been held for two years but has now been increased by 20p. If you are not in a hurry then second class small parcel at 2.90 may be better. Most of the increases have been on International shipping on larger items but we have endeavored to keep them as low as possible. If you are making an order please check the prices first, if you are unsure about the price for the order you are placing the please ring for assistance.
New Feurhand zinc plated hurricane lanterns in stock, click here for details. the best hurricane lamps available and still manufactured in Europe.!

Archived News.
News 07/14:- Great Dorset Steam Fair, new 207 burner available from stock...!

News 06/14:- New 207 burner arrived...!

News 12/13:-
New Vapalux table lamp and spares in stock, holiday closure.

News 11/13:- Reduced postage prices..

News 01/12:- New 'Sale' pages, Tilley #302 globes and Deitz 'Little Wizard' lanterns.

News 08/12:- Tilley pre-war style 182 globes selling fast, Optimus #2572 Spanner for 8R and 111 stoves back in stock!

News 05/12:- New Sale page for used pressure lamps, stoves, blowlamps and heaters. telephone exchange fault

News 01/12:- Winter holiday closure.

News 11/11:- New Vapalux lamps and spares in stock.....Feuerhand hurricane lamps and spares............Glass chimney for Kronos lamps available.

News07/11:- New Vapalux glass available, Manslu stoves back in stock.

News06/11:- Closed for a few days, Newark 'Light Up'

News0511:- H1e lamps update, Bialaddin heater mantles

News0311:- Japan earthquake, new glass items in development.

News 0111 : Annual holiday, new range of wicks in stock

News 1010 : - Optimus Nova stove recall, Pod heater news

News 0910 :- New 207 burners under test....!

News 0610 : Closed for a few days:- 'Newark light up'. Stove News :- Optimus spare parts problems, #207 Adjustable burners update:-

News 0410 :- Mike 'the stove' out of hospital....! Price increases in postage and shipping costs, Price increases on Tilley and Coleman. 

News 0210 :- Mike in hospital, Current order turnaround, End of Vapalux production in the UK.

News 0110 :- Annual holiday, Current order turnaround, Sale of the Vapalux brand.

News1209 :- Tilley 'professional' mantle now available. Original style Vapalux/Bialaddin V42 loose tie mantles in 10 packs available while stocks last.
Stoves:- Update on delivery for #207 burners
Wick lamps:- GWR chimney now back in stock.

News1109 :- Lamp spares:- Vapalux V42 mantles and 10 packs back in stock. Petromax 500cp available again with full spares backup, GWR chimney now in stock. New Corona heaters for sale.

News1009 :- Lamp spares:- New Petromax page
Wick lamps:- Famos chimney now in stock.
Heaters:- Page of new and used greenhouse heaters for sale.

News0909 :- Many Tilley spares back in stock, Coleman 214C paraffin lantern in stock, Famos chimney now in stock, Aladdin full circle shade carrier back in stock  

News 0809 :- Vapalux price increases, #207 Marine stove burners update, Famos chimney now in stock..!

News 0709 :- Tilley price increases, Trangia price increases, Limited edition Vapalux lamp& Vapalux price increases, #207 Marine stove burners update.

News 0609 :-
Tilley price increases, more rare Tilley parts, Limited edition Vapalux lamp, #207 Marine stove burners, windshield for 00 and 111 stoves, Famos flame spreader, New 'Pigeon' style lamp

News 0409 :-
Quality paraffin now available, Leather pump cups, Primus '96 spirit can, Famos flame spreader, Famos chimney, Pod heaters, New Optimus T88 Stove, 

News 1208 :- New premises, Tilley galleries & heater mantles, Coleman 660 glass, more classic Primus parts, Blanchard spanners, Stove feature, Sigg spares obsolete, Blue Flame heater spares, lighter flints, New tools page.

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