Hinks 'Duplex' lamp

The Duplex lamp was one of the most common oil lamps used in Britain and was manufactured right up until the 1980's. This lamp is from the acclaimed maker 'Hinks' and dates from the end of the 1800's
The lamp is unrestored, retaining the patina of age, it is 'one only' and will be sold as pictured with new wicks.

Ceramic vase lamp complete with frosted shade and oval chimney. The interesting brass foot has some tarnishing to the laquer but will polish up well. 
The heavy weight in the foot has 'Hinks' cast into it.

Original Hinks Duplex burner with concentric winder stems. The enamel end is clearly marked 'Hinks's No. 2 Duplex'.
There are small solder repairs to the collar commensurate with age but they do not detract from this fine original piece. 

The large pottery vase has the style of ane of the large Victoriam manufacturers any markings on the vase base cannot be seen without disturbing the original base and cast weight.
Note tiny crazing on the glaze in the picture above. This is normal with older pottery pieces and does not indicate cracks in the vase itself.

There is a dent in the brass fount of the lamp shown above. This is hidden from view inside the vase when the lamp is assembled and has been left to show age and provenance to the lamp.
It is highly unlikely to find a lamp over 100 years old without some indication of use and accident over the years..!



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