100yearb Base Camp are the only UK extensive stockist of Petromax spare parts 100yearb
We hold over 100,000 of parts for you, many are original German manufacture whilst stocks last.
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'Servicing and Repairing  paraffin pressure lamps' The definitive step by step guide to servicing and repairing lamps of the Petromax/Optimus type, click here to see photo.,  Temp out of stock 10.50
829 Petromax 500cp Collectors lantern, click here to see photo., Out of stock


Pump adaptor for all lanterns, NOTE this item can damage your lamp if not used correctly. We recommend only using a hand pump of the bicycle type. DO NOT USE ELECTRIC PUMPS
100yearkit 100YEARKIT Limited edition Petromax care kit for 500 cp lanterns, Period logo tin box containing a full service kit with mantles, spanner, cleaning needle, Petromax polishing cloth and special Petromax polish for your loved lamp..!

Available for a short time only, when they are gone.........!
Out of stock

Standard service kit for 350cp & 500cp lanterns, all seals and packings plus 2 mantles. Petromax/Hipolito 500cp, 

Spare parts kit for 350cp & 500cp lanterns, all seals, packings, nipple, needle and nozzle with 3 mantles
Spare parts kit for 150cp lanterns

H3/500 Base Camp Exclusive! China nozzle, 500cp for older, pre Pelam, Petromax lanterns, the modern nozzle is often very loose when fitted to original, German made lanterns. 10.95
3/500 China nozzle, 500cp 9.95
3/250 China nozzle, 250cp 9.95
3/150 China nozzle, 150cp 9.95


BC 4/500 500cp Mantle, best quality, Pack of 10,  17.50
PMAX 4/500 Original Petromax 500cp & 350cp Mantle, Pack 10 28.95
Veritas 500cp rosette mantle 1.95
Original Petromax 500cp & 350cp rosette mantle 3.50
4/500 Helox Original Petromax 500cp, superior mantle, sock type. 3.55
3776 Veritas 200/250cp Mantle 1.95
3894 Veritas 150cp Mantle 1.95
4/150 Original Petromax 150cp Mantle 3.50
4S Original Petromax double tie 'shockproof' mantle 3.50

Support Support for 'shockproof' mantle  19.95

6L Pump rod & leather complete



10 Pump valve complete 11.95

11 Washer for filler cap or gauge 1.25

11Bulk Washer for filler cap or gauge, pack 10 for the regular user and restorer 10.00

Screw to fit bottom plate to tank, plated
Screw to fit bottom plate to tank, brass finish

17 Check valve cone with packing 2.45

18 Pump valve spring 2.50

20 Clip for mixing tube 1.25

21 Screw for mixing tube clip  2.50

22 Cross bar for mixing tube clip  2.50

'OLD 33/5'GER Mixing tube 500cp, old type with mixing screw, original German Petromax 16.95
33/5 Mixing tube 500cp, no mixing screw 13.95
33/2 Mixing tube 250cp 10.95
33/1 Mixing tube 150cp 13.95

34 Gas chamber 500 & 350  12.50
34/2 Gas chamber 250cp  Temp out of stock 12.50
34/1 Gas chamber 150cp  12.50

35 Spirit dish plated, for preheating



35GER Spirit dish plated, for preheating, original German Petromax



35M Spirit dish brass, for preheating 12.25

37/38 '0' rings for pump piston, pair, Petromax 2003 on 1.85

40 Pump knob, Blue with Petromax Logo 3.95

40GER Pump knob, original dark blue with Petromax Logo 4.95

41 Pump locking disc 2.30

42 Pump cap, plated finish 4.75
42M Pump cap, brass finish 4.75

44 Pump spring  1.55

45 Piston plate 2.30

46 Pump leather  3.25

46Bulk Pump leather, pack 10 for the regular user or restorer 25.00

46S Spreading Spring for pump leather, keeps leather in contact with pump bore and improves pump performance.  3.45

47 Piston nut 2.50

50/68 350 kit
Repair kit for Petromax and Hipolito 350 lanterns.
50/3 Nipple, 68/3 Needle and three 3890 mantles 350cp worth 15.35
ONLY 10.75

50/5 Nipple 500cp Petromax 5.35
50/3 Nipple 350cp Petromax 5.35
50/3N Nipple 350cp Hipolito 3.95
50/2 Nipple 250cp Petromax 5.35
50/2N Nipple 250cp Hipolito 3.95
50/1  Nipple 150cp Petromax 5.35

66 Spanner/gauge 6.85

66GER Spanner/gauge, original German Petromax 8.95

67 Plastic filler can,  5.85

68/5 Cleaning needle 500cp 4.35
68/3 Cleaning needle 350cp 4.35
68/2 Cleaning needle 250cp 4.35
68/1 Cleaning needle 150cp 4.35


Base Camp Exclusive!

Our own premium glass chimney in 3mm Borosilicate glass, the best glass you can get.! Hipolito 500cp & 350cp, Petromax 500cp 16.95
74 Glass Chimney, clear Hipolito 500cp & 350cp, Petromax 500cp, 13.95
74VF Glass Chimney Hipolito 500cp & 350cp, Petromax 500cp, frosted with vertical clear stripe, to check mantle condition 19.95
74/2 Glass Chimney 250cp, no logo 19.95
74/1 Glass Chimney 100/150cp, Special offer, TWO FOR 19.95 11.95

83 Lead washer for pump valve. 1.35

90 Lead Washer for vapouriser. New lower price 1.00

90Bulk Lead Washer for vapouriser, pack 10 for the regular user and restorer 8.50


103/191 GER150 Conducting piece and lower conducting rod 150cp, original German Petromax 2.95


103/191GER Conducting piece and lower conducting rod 500cp. original German Petromax 4.95

104 Conducting rod, complete 500cp & 350cp  10.45
104/1 Conducting rod, complete 150cp 10.45

105 Excentric shaft, Petromax & Hipolito 3.50

105GER Excentric shaft, Petromax & Hipolito, original german Petromax 3.95

105/108GER Repair kit of excentric shaft, graphite, nut & wheel nut, Petromax & Hipolito, original German Petromax. Base Camp exclusive 5.50

107 Nipple for excentric 3.50

108 Graphite packing, New lower price 1.00

108Bulk Graphite packing, Paxk 10 for the regular user and restorer 8.50

111 wheel 

111GER On-Off wheel, original :-
Dark Blue, with Petromax logo

111 On-Off wheel, modern :-
Blue, with Petromax logo

Nut for wheel
Star washer for wheel
113 nut 113
Sleeve nut for excentric shaft 1.00

114 Eccentric complete 12.30

114 original blue 

114GER Eccentric complete, original German Petromax, dark blue control knob 15.50

P117 Inner hood, Petromax 500cp 41.95

P118 Fuel tank without fittings Petromax 500cp 92.00

Temp out of stock from supplier

119 Key for cleaning needle    2.50

121 Frame with handle Petromax 500cp  42.95

Centre base for frame, chrome Petromax 500cp
Centre base for frame, brass Petromax 500cp 

122C Centre base for frame, chrome Petromax 500cp original German

123 Brass hood, nickel plated, Petromax 500cp 43.95
123M Brass hood, Petromax 500cp 42.95

126C Protection plate, 500cp, protects the lower part of the lamp and fuel tank should a mantle fail in use. 14.25


149 Filler cap gauge, plated  25.95
149M Filler cap gauge, brass  24.95

149-1C Air release screw for chrome filler cap gauge 5.15

149-1M Air release screw for brass filler cap gauge 5.15

149G Plastic lens for filler cap gauge, 3.00

152 Upper vapouriser with nipple 500 & 350cp 39.95
152GER Upper vapouriser with nipple 350cp, original German Petromax, some tarnishing 29.95
152/2 Upper vapouriser with nipple 250cp Temp out of stock 27.95
152/1 Upper vapouriser with nipple 150cp, Temp out of stock 27.95

153 Lower vapouriser 500cp 39.95

153GER Lower vapouriser 500cp, original German Petromax 42.95


153/114GER Lower vapouriser 500cp, complete with 114GER excenter, original German Petromax 48.95

165 Plastic filler funnel, original type 3.75

180 Cleaning needle for pre heater 2.00

187 Filter for preheater 1.00

187GER Filter for preheater, original German Petromax 2.50


103/191GER Lower conducting rod and lower conducting rod 150cp , original German Petromax 2.00

193 Vapouriser valve washer 2.10

195 Vapouriser valve shell 2.95

220 Preheater flame tube 7.95

221 Preheater nipple 4.25

223 lever

223 Preheater lever, blue, original German Petromax 14.95

225 Connecting piece for preheater  11.95

226 Rapid preheater complete 34.95

229 Check packing and screw for quicklighter lever 4.25

229GER Check packing and screw for quicklighter lever, original German Petromax 4.95
P/MAX BAG500 Tough transport bag for HK 500 lamp & reflector  42.95

P/MAX TOPREF Polished steel reflector to reflect light down,  49.95
P/MAX INS Instruction booklet for the Petromax lamps with exploded view and part numbers. Also useful for Optimus 1350 & 1550 3.50
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