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Picture, Tilley Guardsman
Primus No.1 stove 1935. Tilley Stormlantern 1953


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LATEST NEWS 06/08/22 :- Great Dorset Steam Fair, Blandford Forum, Dorset.

Archived News.

News 14/06/21:- New Tax exempt orders for all overseas customers

News 02/09/20:- New secure payment method

News 01/05/20:-The Corona virus, Covid 19, warehouse closed.

News 22/08/19:- The 'Big Move'

News 24/05/19:- Closed for family wedding

NEWS 13/05/19:-
Moving our warehouse and office

NEWS 01/01/19:-
Hanse burner shortages

NEWS 12/12/17
:- Annual holiday, shop closure for one week.

News 08/17:- Great Dorset Steam Fair, Manaslu stoves

News 03/17:- E-mail problems.

News 05/16:- Great Dorset Steam Fair,

News 03/16:- Great Dorset Steam Fair, new delivery of 207 burner available from stock...!

News 07/14:- Great Dorset Steam Fair.

News 06/14:- New 207 burner arrived...!

News 12/13:-
New Vapalux table lamp and spares in stock, holiday closure.

News 11/13:- Reduced postage prices..

News 01/12:- New 'Sale' pages, Tilley #302 globes and Deitz 'Little Wizard' lanterns.

News 08/12:- Tilley pre-war style 182 globes selling fast, Optimus #2572 Spanner for 8R and 111 stoves back in stock!

News 05/12:- New Sale page for used pressure lamps, stoves, blowlamps and heaters. telephone exchange fault

News 01/12:- Winter holiday closure.

News 11/11:- New Vapalux lamps and spares in stock.....Feuerhand hurricane lamps and spares............Glass chimney for Kronos lamps available.

News07/11:- New Vapalux glass available, Manslu stoves back in stock.

News06/11:- Closed for a few days, Newark 'Light Up'

News0511:- H1e lamps update, Bialaddin heater mantles

News0311:- Japan earthquake, new glass items in development.

News 0111 : Annual holiday, new range of wicks in stock

News 1010 : - Optimus Nova stove recall, Pod heater news

News 0910 :- New 207 burners under test....!

News 0610 : Closed for a few days:- 'Newark light up'. Stove News :- Optimus spare parts problems, #207 Adjustable burners update:-

News 0410 :- Mike 'the stove' out of hospital....! Price increases in postage and shipping costs, Price increases on Tilley and Coleman. 

News 0210 :- Mike in hospital, Current order turnaround, End of Vapalux production in the UK.

News 0110 :- Annual holiday, Current order turnaround, Sale of the Vapalux brand.

News1209 :- Tilley 'professional' mantle now available. Original style Vapalux/Bialaddin V42 loose tie mantles in 10 packs available while stocks last.
Stoves:- Update on delivery for #207 burners
Wick lamps:- GWR chimney now back in stock.

News1109 :- Lamp spares:- Vapalux V42 mantles and 10 packs back in stock. Petromax 500cp available again with full spares backup, GWR chimney now in stock. New Corona heaters for sale.

News1009 :- Lamp spares:- New Petromax page
Wick lamps:- Famos chimney now in stock.
Heaters:- Page of new and used greenhouse heaters for sale.

News0909 :- Many Tilley spares back in stock, Coleman 214C paraffin lantern in stock, Famos chimney now in stock, Aladdin full circle shade carrier back in stock  

News 0809 :- Vapalux price increases, #207 Marine stove burners update, Famos chimney now in stock..!

News 0709 :- Tilley price increases, Trangia price increases, Limited edition Vapalux lamp& Vapalux price increases, #207 Marine stove burners update.

News 0609 :-
Tilley price increases, more rare Tilley parts, Limited edition Vapalux lamp, #207 Marine stove burners, windshield for 00 and 111 stoves, Famos flame spreader, New 'Pigeon' style lamp

News 0409 :-
Quality paraffin now available, Leather pump cups, Primus '96 spirit can, Famos flame spreader, Famos chimney, Pod heaters, New Optimus T88 Stove, 

News 1208 :- New premises, Tilley galleries & heater mantles, Coleman 660 glass, more classic Primus parts, Blanchard spanners, Stove feature, Sigg spares obsolete, Blue Flame heater spares, lighter flints, New tools page.

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